The Cell Phone Payment functionality allows you to send money to anyone who has a valid South African cell phone number anytime, anywhere. The recipient can withdraw the full amount at a relevant ATM or participating merchants. Send money, without having to pay it into a bank account or using any banking details. For Creditors or Employees who don't have a bank account, you can now pay to their Cell Phone Numbers.
Beneficiaries will receive an SMS with a voucher number and then an SMS with a PIN number. By entering these numbers into the relevant ATM or participating merchant, they will receive their cash instantly.


Standard Bank Instant Money

Funds can be collected at Standard Bank ATM's and participating Merchants. Voucher PIN's are valid for 3 Months. Max R5000 per day.....More


Nedbank Send-iMali

Funds can be collected only at Nedbank ATM's. Voucher PIN's are valid for 48 Hours. Max R5000 per day.....More

Cell Phone Payments
CSV Layout

A=Ref (Employee Number or any number)
B=Name (Employee Name and Surname, no comma) 
C=Amount (Nett. Amount, no comma for cents) 
D=Cellphone No. (+27 82.. or 27 82.. or 082) Best to use 278260.....
E=Short Code (828384) 

None of these fields should exceed 16 characters and all data must all be formatted as text.
Denominationsof R20 for ATM withdrals (ATM machines cannot give cents and if no R20 notes are available, the transaction will be unsuccessful and beneficiaries will have to find another ATM with available R20 notes.
Save file as *.CSV with no commas or special characters in text, NO header and NO footer (Total). 
Format ALL cells to "text" before save as *.CSV. 
DO NOT OPEN THE *.CSV FILE AGAIN AFTER SAVED (Excel will add formatting to this *.csv file when opened like dropping zeros etc. and it can alter data)

1Shala Barrera526.56 2782658965 828384
2Jeanna Schmal1002.36+2782567852828384
3Caren Rials985.250826589787828384
4Leon Rogol975.50+278365899828384
5Paul Smit875.35+277689665828384

File Format

Make sure you select the relevant format from the "File Format" dropdown 

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