Some banks offers wallet account to clients who does not comply with full FICA requirements but comply with E17 account types. The payment instruction MUST be accompanied by a reference for the bank to allocate payment as all wallet account numbers are usually the same account number. We have made this process seamless process to pay from any payroll system such as VIP, PASTEL, XERO etc. as most payroll software does not allow for references. 

Wallet Payments Short Codes

Short Code Bank
888801 IMB
888802Makuru (old one)
888803FNB Wallet

A=Number. (Customer Number or Own Reference)
B=Name and Surname
C=Amount (Nett. Amount, no comma for cents)
D=Reference Number. (Cell number, Card number or Reference number)
E=Short Code

None of these fields should exceed 16 characters and all data must all be formatted as text. 
Save file as *.CSV with no commas or special characters in text, NO header and NO footer (NO TOTALS). 
Format cells to "text" before save as *.CSV. 
DO NOT OPEN THE *.CSV FILE AGAIN AFTER SAVED (Excel will add formatting to this *.csv file when opened like dropping zeros etc. and it can alter data)

1MIKE JOHNS500.650863589752888801
2PETER SMIT1002.366589745523121888801
2JOHN DOE502.36129745523121888804

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