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ATM Collections Only

  • Limits  - In accordance with the "Exemption 17 in terms of the financial intelligence centre act no. 38 of 2001", payments of an amount not less that R40 and not exceeding R5 000 (Five Thousand Rand) per day and not exceeding R25 000 (Twenty Five Thousand Rand) in a monthly cycle can be made.
  • Voucher and Pin Expiry - You must use your Voucher within 48 hours from the time of first issue.
  • Cash Collection / Retail Merchants - None
  • Cash Collection / ATM - Collect cash at Nebank ATM (with sufficient funds) by entering PIN and then Voucher Number as prompted. ATM will present full amount of voucher. No cents can be given and no partial amounts, therefore vouchers should be exact amounts in denominations of R20 notes only.
  • Instant Money Wallets - None

Voucher SMS

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